About Us

I have always been passionate about cooking. I would taste food at various places, be it a friend’s home or a restaurant and I was eager to return home to try out the dish myself and give it variations that I felt would help it taste best. I have always used my imagination to improvise and try out new recipes.

My first cookbook is called “You Can Cook Too”! This book basically was written for beginners and consists of simple and basic recipes in a step-by-step manner.

My second book "Variety at Meal Times” provides a variety of dishes that you can make at different meal times. Different dishes can be prepared at breakfast, at lunch, as an evening snack or for dinner.

My third book is titled "Indian Flavors to Savor - The Easy Home Cooked Way" and can be purchased Online. It has simple and delicious recipes for your everyday needs.

Also, if you have any food related questions or need help with a recipe, please e-mail us at flavorstosavor@hotmail.com

Make your kitchen a fun-loving place where you too, can spend hours cooking and trying out these easy to make and tasty dishes!!!!