Indian Flavors To Savor Cookbook

Indian Flavors to Savor – The Easy Home Cooked Way

The recipes in this book go beyond the rudiments of a simple curry. The finished dishes, lend themselves easily to both Western and traditional menus.

Focusing on the flavorful cooking from Northern India, I offer more than 120 easy-to-follow recipes, with simple instructions designed for those who have never cooked Indian cuisine. These simple, delectable creations made from readily available ingredients dispel the myth that Indian cuisine is only about rich curries and complicated spices. This book is a celebration of the food Indians cook in American kitchens today, using ingredients found in most supermarkets.

All recipes are made in Healthy Olive oil - This cookbook is a must BUY and a bargain for the price. Save money on restaurant bills by cooking these dishes in the comfort of your own home!

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Variety at Meal Times Cookbook

Variety at Meal Times

When you’re having a busy day and are in a real dilemma as to what to cook at different meal times, this is the book you need to help you decide. As the title suggests this book, provides variety at different meal times such as breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner or desserts. The recipes are not only delicious, but also easy to prepare. We all love change, be it in food or our everyday lives, and this book provides just the variety you are looking for to satisfy your palette at any hour of the day.

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You can Cook Too! Cookbook

You can Cook Too!

This cookbook has simple basic recipes for beginners. Recipes include baked dishes, soups, salads, curries, Indian-Chinese and delicious quick-fix desserts. After reading this book, you will no longer feel that cooking is a cumbersome experience. It gives you that added confidence that You can Cook Too!

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